Be Heard: Class Notice and Political Advertising

An Interview with Jim Messina

1984 called:
It wants its class notice plans back.

While commercial and political advertising have used data analytics to advance beyond recognition in recent decades, the same progressions have been absent in the field of class notice… until now.

Ads for everything from political candidates to laundry detergent have evolved to become tailored to their audiences, with regard to every detail from how images and words are selected, to the publications where they are placed. Still, class notice has continued the same model: rely primarily upon direct mail for known claimants, and exclusively upon expensive, poorly-targeted mass media advertising on television and print publications for unknown claimants. 

In this article, President Obama's 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina shares insights on how data analytics are transforming how these media are used to more effectively and verifiably deliver class notice, ensuring claimants’ right to due process in class action proceedings.

More specifically:

  • What class notice looks like through the eyes of a media expert: paid, owned, and earned media
  • How targeting and verifying class notice has lagged behind comparable advances in commercial and political advertising
  • How analytics are transforming class notice
  • How notice providers will be accountable for providing more effective class notice than in the past, as well as for verifying notice efficacy

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