More Effective Class Notice
Through Data Analytics

Proven Mass Media.  True Data Analytics.  Due Process Redefined.  By leveraging all of the art and science of today's commercial and political advertising, Signal IM redefines the best notice practicable in contemporary class action notice programs.  Our recognized experts offer access to the complete landscape of today's mass media—from traditional direct mail through online social media.  In addition, Signal IM uses the same cutting-edge data analytics and testing used in today's advertising to more effectively identify, reach, and inform potential class members, avoid wasteful scattershot messaging, and provide a more structured and meaningful opportunity to be heard.

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Improving Class Notice Safeguarding Due Process

Signal Interactive Media is a leading legal media firm established in collaboration by principals Jim Messina and Matt Garretson.  The principal goal of Signal IM is to safeguard due process while improving the efficacy of class action notice through modern media and data analytics.

As President Obama’s 2012 campaign manager and the founder of The Messina Group, Jim Messina offers unmatched expertise in contemporary mass media planning, commercial and political advertising, public relations, and state-of-the-art media analytics.  As founder of The Garretson Resolution Group, Matt Garretson is a trusted expert in the advanced design, modeling, and resolution of the most complex and sensitive mass tort and class action matters across the nation.  Garretson is a frequent national speaker about topics such as ethics in complex litigation, leveraging data analytics to reduce cost and time, and total healthcare compliance in group settlements.  Together, they have founded Signal Interactive Media to improve class notice and offer a more structured, effective, and meaningful opportunity to be heard

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Read more about how engaging Signal IM to design the class notice plan offers several unique advantages in our recent publication, Be Heard: Class Notice and Political Advertising - An Interview with Jim Messina.  

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“[A]ssumptions were rarely left in place without numbers to back them up.”


- Time Magazine

Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win

"[T]he best-run campaign ever."

- Bloomberg Business

Corporations Want Obama's Winning Formula

“[C]orporate America, Silicon Valley were knocking down the door trying to hire these guys…there’s a lot of carry-over from political tactics to business tactics.”

- Bloomberg Business

Corporations Want Obama's Winning Formula,
Quoting Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt

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